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Want to become our ambassador ?

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  • Are you a sommelier, a restaurant manager or a private citizen with a passion for great wines ?
  • Would you like to be the ambassador of our prestigious brand  for your territory ?
  • Would you be interested to organize a refined taste with your best customers or with your best friends and also get a a good profit ?

We are looking for all European countries, motivated wine lovers with an open mind and good relational skills, professional or private, interested in organizing refined wines tastings and to represent our Best Club in their countries.

What is “LàB Tasting” ?

It is an event that brings together for a few hours a select number of people involved, for business or passion, to the wine world. It is dedicated to all connoisseurs and lovers of wines of great quality. The wines selection is made by Gennaro Buono, Best Sommelier of Italy Aspi 2012.

Work with us - Rosteeren Netherlands  Work with us - Rostereen Netherlands  Work with us - Rostereen - Netherlands

Where it take place ?

You can do Tasting in the hall of a restaurant, in a hotel or in a club. If the guests are all friends, you can do it at home. An opportunity to spend a pleasant evening with them.
If you want to know more see the page “Club in the world” or contact us at the following address:

We will send you the password to access the page “Conditions for our Partners”

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